Our Mission

We strive to help online world remain borderless. Our main goal is to provide internet users with an unrestricted access to information, all the while securing their privacy to the full extent.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every piece of information should fully remain in its owners’ control. If it belongs to a single person, he or she should be able to defend their privacy, and we will do our best to aid them with that! By extension, if a specific information concerns a group of people, every member of this group should have access to it.

To contribute to the preservation of human rights and the freedom of information, we develop technologies that at a click of a button:

  • Protect the private;
  • Provide access to the public.

One of such technologies is KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®. It combines top-tier encryption with tunneling protocols so as to secure both your traffic and your personal information such as location. We also adopted no-log policy to further increase the safety of your data.

Another advanced development of ours is KeepSolid Wise - a neat little service that allows to bypass even the strictest VPN blockade. With it, our users can reach further than most VPNs could ever get!

We believe in the importance of our mission, and so make sure to keep the quality of our products the highest, and to be available to everyone, everywhere with our 24/7 professional customer support.