What is Personal IP

Tired of getting blocked because of using blacklisted IPs from already known common servers? Today we offer you a Personal Static IP for you only. Personal IP acts like a Personal VPN Server to provide additional protection and avoid internet censorship, yet is way cheaper!

The dedicated IP address is a good investment, especially, if you are online every day. It will ensure additional protection for your sensitive information and prevent getting blocked on the internet.

The Personal IP is ready for use from any KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® client app in one tap. Select a region of your new virtual static address, and get a first hand knowledge about the major benefits of using a Personal IP.

1. Clean personal IP in the selected country with reputation. No one knows that it is a VPN server address.

Get a unique and clear personal IP address in the selected country that will be used only by you. This means that the browsing history and online reputation of the IP address is purely under your control. With a dedicated IP, you will prevent getting banned and avoid the frustration that you can face when using a shared service.

In case of a shared IP, there are often thousands of different users that all reside on the same server and have the same IP address. Since you have no control over the users on this same address range, if one of those users starts spamming forums or social networks, you might end up getting banned even though you did nothing wrong.

2. Dedicated IP for accessing your online banking or mailbox anywhere securely.

Assign a dedicated IP address to your email and online banking accounts, and get a regular access to these services regardless of your geographical location. Moreover, this will become an additional layer of security over your usual login and password protection that will guarantee you the safe custody of your personal data, while you are using your online banking or mailbox. Using the Personal IP will prevent logins to your accounts from undefined IPs. Turn on the VPN connection via your personal IP address, now you can rest assured that your email and online banking access is strongly secured.

3. Extended access to blocked web pages and services, like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix.

Enhance your access to worldwide websites and video streaming services with our security solution. Get a Personal IP and enjoy the smoothest online experience, avoiding web restrictions, blockings and censorship. Any online content will be available for you. Using a clean dedicated virtual address, you will get secure access to various personal accounts such as email, social media, clouds, and video streaming sites. Thanks to a personal IP address, you can even watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime from anywhere.

Personal Static IP – is the best solution to control your history and reputation, protect your personal data, and never be blocked from your favorite content. Now, a safe web surfing without any limits is possible.